car rental wroclaw Family car rental Wroclaw, Poland
wypożyczalnia aut wrocław
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mobile + 48 601 942 429
mobile +48 601 574 575


Terms and conditionsTerms and conditions
  • Age of the driver is not less than 21 years, not more than 70 years.
  • Driving license (at least a year) if the Lessee is not a national of the EU international driving license.
  • Identity card or passport.
  • The deposit is blocked on a credit card only (we do not accept Electron type of cards and Maestro cards)
  • Unlimited mileage for the entire duration of the lease.
  • Rental rates do not include the cost of petrol.
    The car is completely non-smoking and we do not allow to transport animals.
  • Prohibition of travel abroad without additional authorization (risk of losing the deposit, excluding car and remote notification to the Police about the theft).
  • Effecting of booking is not with signing agreement one-valued.
  • Representative of firm can give from hiring without application of reason.